Monday, January 10, 2011

January Joys

"Birthday Week!"

I know, I's cold, dreary & blustery....isn't it wonderful? :), floral wrapping paper....the smell of a new bottle of perfume...roses..on a cake...yes, it's my "Birthday Week!"
"Birthday Week?" you say? Of course!
Why only one day? On a month so drear? When you can fill your days with the anticipation of good things to come all month long!

Take for instance, my early birthday gift... a new sewing machine!
I've never had a new sewing machine!

I was quite happy toodling along on my ugly, albeit sturdy & faithful brown Beaumark.

I have however, quite happily converted over to the new!
White definitely looks better in my buttercream, cake-style kitchen. :)
....And yes, that's a brand new quilt you see in the making.... (Roses for January, you know!) ;)

I realize that it isn't "Birthday Month" for everyone...but look for the January joys that are tucked away, nice & warm in your January Home.... dig out that stitchery that's been waiting for you to come back to it for 8 or so months...that tatting or needlepunch that the cat got ahold of....& that quilt that's "almost" done...& don't forget to pick up a white, buttercream birthday cake with white frosting, adorned with yellow & pink roses!
It goes nice with tea!


  1. Happy Birthday week Kim! I tried to send you an ecard on facebook but it wouldn't load unfortunately, I'll go take a peek at your website to see if you have a contact email so I can send it to you. We are birthday buddies, my birthday is on the 16th as well (although I do believe I have more than a few years on you, you whipper snapper you!). Like your idea of a birthday week girl, you are such a smart cupcake! Happy happy day to you and hope the coming year brings you much joy, Deb

  2. LOL! Aren't we all 29??? :)

  3. Kimmie, I finally got on here I have had a virus since the new year. Feeling better now. Any way so Glad you had a wonderful Birthday. Hope you recieved my card.Love your sewing machine. Lucky you!!! Hope the new year brings many blessings. ~ <3 Hugs and Prayers <3 ~ Friends forever! God Bless you and your family!!!!! xxx