Thursday, September 22, 2016


First day of Autumn!!
Needless to say, this "Christmas" kid is VERY excited!
And in honor of this wonderful day,
I've created a fine set of jewelry items to wear during this festive season!
You'll look great jingling in these beauties all the way down to 
Starbucks for your Venti' Pumpkin Spice Latte'!

All you need is a tiny matchbox & some handy dandy shiny items
from the Tim Holtz collection!

Also on the "menu" today...
"Sittin' in the Patch...waitin'..."
I picked up this little "pumpkin pie" at 
Great pieces for great ideas!

I also picked up a couple more of THE best pumpkin pieces you'll ever see!
And Christmas pieces!!!!! Wait 'till you see!!!
They're soon to come!
Keep an "eyeball" out for those......

So there you go...not a bad start to the season!
Get those cozies out, knit some socks, paint some pumpkins,
make some "Fireworks" & enjoy the scenery, scents & pumpkin munchies!

Happy Autumn!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Me loves a spooky pumpkin!!!
"Good Pumpkin Eve!"
You can paint the Haunted house with the design included,
use the cool, spooky Haunted Graveyard diecut that I used on my pattern from
I recommend the diecut!

Also new...
2 pretty filigree ornaments supplied by our good painting friends
Those pieces are Item#'s BEV97 & 98
Make sure you visit BWU!

More Halloweenie to come!
Something very small & spooky special!
Can't wait to get it done!

Keep an eye out on those pumpkins....
me thinks an early frost is in order this year!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September is FULL!

I thought I had nothing done until I started pulling pics!
Check out ToleTown this month
for "Pickled Pumpkin!"
....& hey!
Check out the cute little "Bare Branch" die cut I used for the top!
You can get those at Southern Ridge Trading Co.

Also new this month at Painting Ezine
"Meow, Meow, Boo!"
Git yer wooden spoons & fly tying chenille out!
These cats need some trim!
Cutouts are available at Kim Christmas Designs of course!
My famous little cats from "Black Cat Farm Co."
(check them out under the Halloweenie section) ;)

Yup! MORE news!
"Christmas in the Woodlands"
Available in Issue #3 of The Decorative Painter
Published by The Society of Decorative Painters!
How exciting!

Last but not least!
"Oh Christmas Tree! Media Me!"
In the brand new Multi-Author, Multi-Media Book
You don't want to miss this one!!
It's a goodie for sure with authors like Amy Mogish, Chris Haughey, Jane Allen
and more!

A great stocking stuffer for sure!

But the best news of all....
Wedding bells in the near future! 
Alyssa, our beautiful new addition to the "Christmas Clan!"
God is good! ;)
Lots of wonderful things to look forward to!

Happy September....
I've been waiting for you September....
approximately 11 months now.... ;)