Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Neville's Blankie

Neville wanted to make his "movie-star-appearance" & say thank you to his Auntie Deb....

For his beautiful, hand-stitched blankie!
He loves it, loves it, loves it!
Meowy kisses for Auntie Deb! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moon Vegas?

Well, if anybody knows me, they know that there will be goodies for convention in Vegas! :)
Hmmm...this year what should it be?
.....  :)

Definitely Moon Pies!
What are Moon Pies? , you ask....
You'll have to come to find out!

Check the Creative Painting link to the right for more details, and we'll see you there!

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Joys

"Birthday Week!"

I know, I's cold, dreary & blustery....isn't it wonderful? :), floral wrapping paper....the smell of a new bottle of perfume...roses..on a cake...yes, it's my "Birthday Week!"
"Birthday Week?" you say? Of course!
Why only one day? On a month so drear? When you can fill your days with the anticipation of good things to come all month long!

Take for instance, my early birthday gift... a new sewing machine!
I've never had a new sewing machine!

I was quite happy toodling along on my ugly, albeit sturdy & faithful brown Beaumark.

I have however, quite happily converted over to the new!
White definitely looks better in my buttercream, cake-style kitchen. :)
....And yes, that's a brand new quilt you see in the making.... (Roses for January, you know!) ;)

I realize that it isn't "Birthday Month" for everyone...but look for the January joys that are tucked away, nice & warm in your January Home.... dig out that stitchery that's been waiting for you to come back to it for 8 or so months...that tatting or needlepunch that the cat got ahold of....& that quilt that's "almost" done...& don't forget to pick up a white, buttercream birthday cake with white frosting, adorned with yellow & pink roses!
It goes nice with tea!