Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jane Austen Season...

Well...Christmas is over....I'm ready to move on to other things....lots of Spring-like things.

I'm in the midst of surrounding myself with flowery pink items that remind me of the warmth that is right around the corner.....HA! So close, yet so far away! Didn't Winter just begin? :)

We can dream, can't we? :)
'Tis the season to bring out the "Sense & Sensibility", "Pride & Prejudice" & what the heck...bring out "Miss Potter". A bunny or two in winter never killed anyone. :)

Make it happen. Spring is in the air...or in your mind if you so choose! :)
Happy Jane Austen Season!


  1. Oh, wonderful reminders of Spring Kim! Curl up with a cuppa and your lovely Jane Austen books and dream of spring! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, Deb

  2. Thanks "Neighbor!"
    Hope you're having a cup too. :)
    Happy New Year!