Halloweenie Packets

"Spooky Pops!" #H15-1 

"October Wanderings" #H15-25
Painted on 2, 5 1/2" wooden plates Item #2561 from Bear With Us Inc.

"Freaky Little Brats!" #H14-3
Painted on micro-screen, embellished with Swarovski crystals

"Black Cat Farm Co." #H13-3
Approx. 5 x 6" each face

"Jolly Vintage Hallowe'en" #H13-9
Approx. 25" high

"Boo Scary Boo Hoo!" #H13-15
 (Regular packet includes 100% primed acrylic cotton canvas for painting the pieces)
Approx. 2" each

"Which Shoe?" #H11-21
Requires an antique shoe form 
antique spool of thread
The paint brush is available at Royal & Langnickel Brush

"Boo Corns" #H11-19
Painted on a 7 x 8 3/4" brick

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