Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hints of Spring things...& Christmas :)

Oooo! Me loves! Me loves!
Small things to paint
for pretty seasons coming up ahead!

I can almost smell the tulips...they're right around the corner!
...2 or 3  months, roughly speaking, HA!

And how many days till Christmas did you say?
You know as well as I do, it comes FAST!
these are fun, pretty things to paint....

These are the perfect package!
Your choice of three different packages,
"Love Notes" for all of your Valentines...
"Easter Thoughts" for the Easter & Spring season....
"Christmas Once Again"....because it will be! ;)

Full instructional packet with slight color variances, surfaces & trims
 to finish 2 ornaments in each kit!

And if you feel the need to go crazy...well, go crazy!
Extra supplies are available as well!

January, February & March...not the time to hibernate...
Keep them brushes moving...
it's the perfect winter exercise program!

Till more ideas "spring" up...

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