Thursday, September 22, 2016


First day of Autumn!!
Needless to say, this "Christmas" kid is VERY excited!
And in honor of this wonderful day,
I've created a fine set of jewelry items to wear during this festive season!
You'll look great jingling in these beauties all the way down to 
Starbucks for your Venti' Pumpkin Spice Latte'!

All you need is a tiny matchbox & some handy dandy shiny items
from the Tim Holtz collection!

Also on the "menu" today...
"Sittin' in the Patch...waitin'..."
I picked up this little "pumpkin pie" at 
Great pieces for great ideas!

I also picked up a couple more of THE best pumpkin pieces you'll ever see!
And Christmas pieces!!!!! Wait 'till you see!!!
They're soon to come!
Keep an "eyeball" out for those......

So there you go...not a bad start to the season!
Get those cozies out, knit some socks, paint some pumpkins,
make some "Fireworks" & enjoy the scenery, scents & pumpkin munchies!

Happy Autumn!

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