Monday, June 13, 2016

Make Something FUN with DecoArt!

You want some of these...I know you do!
DecoArt carries some of THE best products available to mankind, 
& so ....I went shopping for surfaces!
You can pick these birdhouses up at any $1 store, craft department or big box crafting stores....
pots, rocks and fenceboards will work great too!

I used a selection of Americana Multi-Surface Satins to base my birdhouses,
just use a large Glaze/Wash brush or flat shader to base the areas in the colors you like the best.
I used Flamingo,
Coastal Waters,
Lemon Zest,
Turquoise Waters
& Cotton Ball for the stenciling.
Lightly sand the surfaces with fine sandpaper between coats.

My stencil collection included the Americana Decor line,
French Living #ADS05,
Cafe' Paris #ADS02,
& Tracy Moreau Texture Stencil Southern Motif #TS01...
You can use any stencils that appeal to you, DecoArt carries a fabulously wide variety of styles!

The stencils are large, just move them where you want them & apply your fav elements...

Use very little paint for your stencil work...
I used a dry Dome Brush, you can use any dry stencil brush or pouncer as well...
DecoArt has some really cute pouncers for stencil work...
dip your brush or pouncer lightly into the white paint,
remove most of the paint from the brush or pouncer using a scrubbing motion on a clean, dry piece of  paper towel....

Lightly drybrush through the stencil,
creating super cute designs for your garden &home!
No need to varnish the satin finishes, but if you choose to,
I would use the Light Satin Varnish from DecoArt

Thank you DecoArt!

For more fun ideas, visit Kim Christmas Designs

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